effectiveness, you see My elementary water magic enhancement magic line was given to me by my dad when I first advanced to the seventh-level magician apprentice and learned the first water magic skill,”

Guo Guo said, her eyes sighed. In one breath.
“Each magician must engrave on his body?”

“Well, this is a shortcut to increase strength, and some can assist in magic practice. Almost every magician has it, but the function is 南京桑拿楼凤网 different, and the position and pattern of the seal are also very different. The big difference, and the most important point, is that Ming requires a very, very large number of gold coins. More advanced Ming law formations cannot even be bought with money. They need to be exchanged with various high-level materials.” Guoguo pressed again. According to his white and round belly, he said, “This magic pattern is at the first level. It can only increase the power of elementary water magic skills by 10%. I am now an official magician. Many elementary magic skills are no longer available. After using it, this magic circle might as well be more practical than replacing it with a primary magic power recovery magic line magic line!”
“Can each magician only have one magic line tattoo?” I asked again.
Sister Guo Guo pulled out a pair of shorts from the package and threw it to me, and shook her head and said, “It depends on how much the magician has. The carrying capacity will naturally grow as the magician’s level increases. It is 南京夜生活论坛 said that the Nanshan Legion of the Green Empire Every inch of the skin of Master Long Axe is painted with Level 4 magic patterns, and the meteor fire rain he casts can even radiate a range of one kilometer. Well! I actually just barely can bear the second engraving of the primary magic. Pattern formation, but this will have to wait for our belt buckle shop to open up and make some money.”
She also laughed after saying that this is similar to a joke that might become true.
I saw her look a little envious. When I got hot at the time, I was afraid of b