looked very heavy, grinned in agony and moved out of the magic caravan. It seemed that the wooden box was extremely heavy, and Kalantuo looked suspicious. Walking to the wooden box, leaning over to grab the wooden box handrail, curiously asked: “It looks quite heavy, what’s in it?”

Karan Cuo originally intended. I wanted to lift the lid of the wooden box to see what was inside, but it was a bit embarrassing that she didn’t see the clasp of the wooden box clearly, holding both hands on the handle of the wooden box, lifted the wooden box lightly.
The surrounding atmosphere suddenly solidified, and the two seemingly strong shopkeepers jumped onto the magic caravan 南京龙凤论坛 ashamed and embarrassed. Bud followed them suspiciously. At this moment, I could feel both of them. Behind you will be hot.
Kalantuo’s face turned red, and he immediately put the wooden box down. The heavy wooden box fell on the lawn with a bang, smashing a deep mark. At
this time, Bud made sure that the two shop associates were not lazy. The beast girl warrior in front of her is very powerful, looking at her in disbelief.
I leaned over, squatted down, and opened the wooden box. I saw rows of metal parts inside. It seemed that the workmanship was quite exquisite, with round wheels stuck on small metal frames.
At this time, Bud said to me: “Jijia Magician, this batch of metal parts was urgently made by the blacksmith workshop, please check and accept it!”
I randomly moved the metal wheels with grooves in the middle. , The metal wheel rotates very easily.
I said to Bud: 南京桑拿楼凤网 “The craftsmanship is very good, thank you Brother Louis for me!” While talking
, the three orc warriors had moved fifty barrels of kerosene into the basement, and Bud’s expression was a little bit hesitant. After hesitating for a while, he finally couldn’t help but said to me: “Jijia Mage, those kerosene are dangerous and flammable items. If it is stored for too long, please pay attention to it and store it in the warehouse. Maybe it’s safer here!”
I explai