lowly and steadily drove away from the Royal Academy of Magic.

Louis was still lazy, and greeted me kindly: “Hi, Jijia, is everything going well for this trip to the plane of Yero?”
“It’s not bad, although the journey has been a bit twisted, the harvest is still Not bad! Louis,” I finished speaking and glanced at the female assistant sitting across from me, and thought: This female assistant really pleases Louis, and she is willing to take her when she travels.
On the bench opposite, there is another old acquaintance. It is Bud, the person in charge of the 南京龙凤论坛 trading of magic herbs in the Emerald Harbor Firm. Louis once asked him to help me purchase a batch of food and daily necessities. The magic herbs that were shipped from Xinliu Valley for the first time were also traded to the Jade Harbor Trading Company through his hands. Later, I also entrusted him to help me purchase a batch of steel pipes and phosphorous bombs.
I smiled at Bud and said, “Mr. Bud, will you come with us too?” Bud, who was
sitting on the long sofa opposite, stood up quickly, saluted me respectfully, and answered with a smile on his face. Said: “Yes, Lord Jijia Magician!”
“There is Mr. Laubard about renting the airport warehouse this time.” I said.
“It’s my honor to be able to serve you!” Bud said to me with a smile.
The street trees on both sides of the street moved slowly behind the window of the car. The summer heat wave poured into the magic caravan along the car 南京龙凤网 window, blowing the white curtains, and the magic caravan was driving towards the airport outside the capital city. The broad road is extremely brisk, and 南京桑拿夜网 the crisp sound of horseshoes enters the ears rhythmically, like the drumbeat of a tap dance.
Noah sat next to me and loosened the collar of the magic robe. In such a hot weather, wearing a black light-absorbing magic robe would soon let Noah cover up the prickly heat and put it in the carriage. There are ice cubes to make it cooler in the car.
Louis saw Noah’s face flushed by the heat, and motioned