leather armor are elated, and the orcs who are not assigned the hard leather armor have a look of envy, as if they are born with a lack of jealousy.

At this moment, I happened to see the young orc warrior holding a full set of hard leather armor, standing awkwardly next to an old orc warrior. It seemed that he wanted to say something, but he blushed and embarrassed. When he opened his mouth, he passed the hard leather breastplate somewhat cautiously.
The old orc warrior said with a look of disgust: “Do you think I will wear the rewards you got? If I didn’t twist my waist when I was carrying the sleeper a few days ago, I would be the first one to pick it up today. A reward from the leader! Go, go and hide!” The
young orc warrior didn’t get annoyed when he heard it, and refused to go away, just standing in front of the old orc warrior and giggling.
The old orc warrior blinked some muddy eyes, punched the young orc fiercely on the shoulder, and said with emotion: “My little Monty has grown up, and I am proud of you!”
I 南京桑拿夜网 was originally meant to give the orc. It would be very difficult for the soldiers to allocate these thirty-six hard leather armors, but this matter was solved in a simple and direct way in Kalantso’s hands.
The orcs were holding the hard leather armor they were rewarded, and happily got into the portal. Kalantuo stood by the portal like a general, examining every orc warrior, only to escape the sight of these orc warriors. In addition, a faint smile appeared on Kalantuo’s face.
When the light steel rails and living supplies were emptied, the warehouse seemed a bit empty, but on the wooden shelves in the corners, rows of magical spider silk ingots were stacked.
Of course, in addition to the 6,000 magic-weave spider silk ingots this time, there are also a batch of precious ironwood wood transported from underground warehouses, and magic 南京桑拿会所 herbs that have just reached maturity in the round valley nursery.
I made an appointment with Mrs. Alia. She will personally rush over at n