. I planned to draw the magic pattern in one go.

Well, it can be said that at this moment I have found the familiar feeling of the previous life, that feeling is like something that is born with me. Every time I hold the engraving pen, I feel a sense of familiarity. I think it won’t take long for me to forget that I used to be a cold dish platter cook, and forget my habit of practicing hard for three years. Maybe I can no longer use a kitchen knife to peel radish on the kitchen table, maybe I can’t have anymore. The cooking knife carves a radish into a purple rose, but I can still hold the knife firmly, and can also carve complex curves freely.
The moment the magic knife fell, my perception followed the ink on the nib into the magic parchment. I clearly feel that the ink containing magical power is constantly surging with magical power. I must use my weak magical power to maintain the stability of the magical power in the ink, and also change the weight of the pen at any time, so that the magic lines can reach a detailed explanation. Requirements.


This requires that the inscription master should not make a mistake when depicting the magic pattern array, otherwise the entire magic pattern drawing will be lost. Moreover, when depicting the magic circle, if one stroke cannot be drawn, there should be no flaws in the connection between the strokes and the strokes. The structure of the magic pattern of the fire gathering position is not complicated, but the turning points are a bit crappy, but this pattern I’ve been watching back and forth for several days, and even carefully studied every subtle point. Whenever I get to difficult places, I will be more careful. When my magic engraving pen finishes the last stroke on the parchment paper , I gently retracted my arm and let out a long breath.
At this time, there was already a simple but slightly 南京桑拿会所网 distorted magic pattern on the magical parchment. At the moment when the magical circle was completed, the entire scroll gushed out the gentle power of fi