u Valley, and then brought some vegetables grown by the beasts in Xinliu Valley to the ship. The food was rich and varied, which made the sailors more like life at sea.

Our fleet is carrying a total of 1,700 residents of Connorson Island. These people are crowded on four ships, making the draft of the four ships have reached a limit.
The Bellan was the smallest ship, only carrying three hundred residents of Connerson Island. The other Shirley and the Slaves each carried 400 residents of Connerson Island, which has exceeded the upper limit of the number of people on the three ships. The Galen-class sailing ship I took was even more crowded, with nearly 600 residents of Connerson Island in total.
The inhabitants of these islands are placed in cabins under 南京龙凤网 the deck. The cabins under the deck are like a chaotic vegetable market. There are always cries, laughter, singing, anger, whispers, talk and children. The roar of ours came out and intertwined, filling the whole ship with a strong breath of life.
The living environment on the Galen ship is 南京桑拿会所网 very simple. There are basically only two small beds in a cabin, but six people have to live in, two people sleep on the bed, and four people sleep on the floor, but it is said that this is by no means a living environment. The worst, Belan, the worst living environment, had no fewer than ten people in a room.
On the deck of my sailboat, as long as there are ropes, all kinds of clothes are hung. Even the corridors under the deck are full of twine ropes, drying some sheets and inner clothes, and passing through these layers of barriers to reach the living area under the deck.
Due to the 南京夜生活论坛 limited area of ??the deck, the Conathon Islanders on the ship cannot release the wind on the deck at the same time, and everyone needs to take turns to get out from under the deck.
There are a total of four residential areas under the deck. The islanders in each residential area have one hour each morning and afternoon to let out the wind. The rest of the time, these isl