the solid wall of the city, and said to Catalina: “Look, this is a city. It’s not that easy to break. The city wall is entirely made of rocks containing iron ore. Although it looks old, it is definitely very sturdy.”

The guards on the back wall of the city seem to have a much more 南京夜生活论坛 relaxed expression than the warriors on the front tower, knowing that there is no pressure on guarding here.
So I pointed to the warriors on the city wall again, and said to Katerina: “Look at the warriors on the city wall. Their faces are full of desire for battle. It can be said that every imperial man joins the army to fight. Every man must go through a kind of experience. Every man must perform military service. As long as the faith in their hearts is still there, the line of defense will not be broken.”
I wiped the tears from the corners of Catalina’s eyes with the belly of my thumb and finger, and said softly: “Quickly wipe your tears, you have agreed to take me to visit the Trum stronghold today, and tell me how you came here in the past few years.”
Katerina sniffed, trying to squeeze a smile at me , Took a deep breath, and said stubbornly to me: “I didn’t cry!”
Then, Katerina really sorted out her bad mood, renewed her smile, and took me 南京桑拿会所 from the stone steps at the northeast corner of the base. On the city wall behind the stronghold, she was still the red-haired girl in the dance troupe’s caravan. Her enthusiasm and her tenderness were gradually revealed in front of me.
I am afraid that before this, she has almost completely integrated into her new role, the battalion commander of the 7th Battalion in Trum Stronghold.
The Trum Stronghold can also be regarded as a small castle. The entire castle has various facilities. There are two gates in front of and behind the stronghold. One is the main road in front of which eight horses can pass. The sand-filled moat and the wooden suspension bridge have been completely crushed, broken into pieces and discarded at the front gate.
The front gate has been comp