red his eyes slowly and said, “I I heard Leipas said that tomorrow the Starry Adventure Group plans to leave the caravan and enter the northern foothills to hunt alone, but because some members are injured, the plan is postponed by one day. I think they may not honestly hunt in the wasteland, the group of children are spoiled Broken, as long as they plant the seed of hatred in their hearts, that seed will continue to take root and sprout in their hearts. They will do whatever they can. I just want to remind you two that if you meet them on a narrow road in the wasteland, running away is not a shame. If I were you today, Jia, I would stab the dagger in when he finally let him go. Since the hatred cannot be resolved, the most troublesome thing is to stop it.”

I thought the old Kuru would I scolded me for fighting. When I was young, my parents would always be punished for fighting. They said that I was not obedient and caused trouble all day long. My father had to go 南京桑拿夜网 around and apologize for me. He always taught me how to behave. Other children get along with each other, politely and modestly, and respect the older ones. But at that time I didn’t understand at all. I was bullied by older children all day, and I had to make the ignorant children feel wronged. So what is the point of doing this? Is it my greatest achievement just to be scolded by my neighbors? After I grew up, I read a story about a wolf totem, which talked about sheep and wolf nature. I was thinking at that time, I was afraid that it was a sheep that only knew how to graze and milk to produce wool. So who is the wolf?
When I got here, I suddenly found that my outlook on life was completely subverted. Old Kuru thought that my heart was not ruthless enough, leaving him with troubles, which might cause trouble for the trip to the 南京龙凤网 wasteland a few days later. Why can’t you be like a wolf and kill them by staring at things. I stared at Old Kuru with wide eyes, thinking that what he said to me really made sense.
After a while, the old Kur