ce to be delicious, and you can upgrade the dishes in one go.

But I am very worried about whether these girls are afraid of spicy food. Kuz is very afraid of spicy food. Although he also likes to eat, he needs to drink a lot of water. It is better to say that this guy eats spicy chicken wings. So I have to stand up and say: “The third dish is secret chicken drumsticks, spicy chicken wings, black pepper lamb 南京龙凤网 chops, and the ingredients are exclusively provided by Dance Group Qiniang, but I have to remind you that if you can’t eat spicy food, it’s best not to Touch that chicken wing. Finally, there will be chestnut noodle cookies for everyone. Okay, I wish you a pleasant dinner.”

I turned around and nodded to Singh, who also secretly gave me a thumbs up. Seeing that there was nothing wrong with me, I turned and walked towards the top of the stairs, stepped on the soft velvet carpet, gently brushed the copper carved guardrail on the stairs with my hand, and ran down briskly. When I returned to the kitchen, I happened to see Kurz and Fred grilling lamb kebabs by the charcoal fire that was not extinguished. The two of them ate their mouths greasy, and I hurriedly leaned in, regardless 南京夜生活spa论坛 of whether it was hot or not, grabbing them. Take a bite out of a bunch.
“How are those women eating?” Fred opened his mouth, but thought that he was still in the private kitchen of the dance group camp, and he held back his words.
Kurz chewed lamb in his mouth and said vaguely: “What can I do? I definitely love it. Look at the 南京夜生活论坛 burning expression on Jia’s face.”
I have a headache. The little orc originally didn’t speak swear words, but now it does. Learned well.
Beautiful dividing line
By the moonlight at night, the grassland becomes exceptionally quiet, and the clear night sky is filled with wisps of smoke and blue clouds, and there is a breeze that makes people feel refreshed and happy. The star lake in the distance reflected the moonlight, not the dull low roar of thunder and rhinoceros. Kurz and I sat back