ly. Cut the main mast on the ship, I roughly estimate it, it seems that the idea is not bad, the main mast is really to be cut down, the crew of the ship can follow this mast to leave the giant ship.

In fact, these people on the ship are now trapped on the deck. According to the design concept of this giant airship, they usually park in the airport, so their main transportation ports are on the deck. This giant ship It’s about six or seven stories high. Usually there is no problem getting on and off the ship, but it crashed at the top of the mountain. It’s impossible to escape from the huge ship on the deck. It’s at least tens of meters away from the ground. height.
Of course, there is no way to reach the bottom of the ship and escape from the crack. The bottom of the ship has probably been all set ablaze. Under the siege of the fire, it is difficult to escape safely. Fortunately, there are also agile people on the ship. , I would actually 江苏桑拿论坛 think of cutting down the main mast, letting everyone slide down the mast when the fire did not spread to the deck. 南京桑拿楼凤网
It’s just that the main mast, which is almost 100 meters high, is too sturdy. It is actually as thick as five people encircled. Watching two knights in a one-turn construction chop the main mast and sawdust flying, but the distance cuts down the main mast. , It’s still far away.
Kalantuo seemed to have discovered the true intentions of these crew members. She glanced at the girls who had been fumigated by the heat among the seriously injured crowd, and then walked straight to the main mast, and she stood up to a construct knight. By his side, watching him cut into the main mast with an axe, it was a bit deep, but it was only a little bit for the whole main mast.
The two constructed knights saw Kalantuo standing aside with a look of disdain. Although they felt despised and felt a little uncomfortable, they followed the knight’s code of conduct 南京夜生活论坛 and have been restraining their dissatisfaction, and only cut down. The speed has accelerated aga