and, leaving a series of clear footprints.

Little Ella stood up from the bushes, holding a small bow in her hand, and shot five arrows in one go. Unfortunately, they all landed on the sand behind the colorful short-tailed Jin’s pheasant. They actually shot out, making Ella so angry. He returned his fist fiercely, probably still spitting out an orc slang, but there was no 南京桑拿楼凤网 sound.
At this time, the bush was shaking again, and Deborah also came out of the bush, but she looked a little embarrassed, she didn’t know what made a blood mark on her face, and there were some grass leaves on her hair.
Her eyes were also fixed on the fast-running colorful short-tailed golden pheasant, and she looked at the golden pheasant flying on the sand with a look of surprise.
This is a kind of sandgrouse native to round valleys. It is light and agile. It is not only good at running on the sand, but it can also fly nearly a kilometer with its wings spread. It is not only rarely seen in normal times, but also difficult to catch.
However, there are also excellent orc hands that specialize in catching this colorful short-tailed pheasant.
They like to make headwear from the tail feathers of this kind of sand chicken, 南京夜生活论坛 and they like to use this kind of sand chicken to make soup.
According to Little Ella, this colorful short-tailed pheasant is very delicious.
Seeing that the colorful short-tailed golden pheasant had run to the lake, it did not slow down at all, but continued to accelerate. At the last moment, both legs pushed hard on the ground, rose in the air, spreading its wings and flapping towards the lake. Flew to the opposite side.
Little Ella regretfully put down the bow in her hand, looking disappointed at the brocade pheasant gradually flying away.
“Ella, I want to eat chicken.”
“But it flew away, I can’t catch it!”
“I’ll catch it,” Deborah finished, reaching out and pulling off the gray magic apprentice robe on her body. The wings hidden in the robe spread out suddenly, and one wing was white. Feat