m!” After the Yerkes scholar finished speaking, his eyes fell on the white crystal stone pillar, and then he found that the red line in the white crystal was only fixed at the position of number ten. I quickly rubbed my eyes vigorously, and found that the values ??in my eyes still remained unchanged.

I had to laugh at me and said: “I can’t think of the time when this tester is also inaccurate. Fortunately, this value was not seen in the first test, otherwise I thought this structure was designed to be extremely perfect!”
As he said, he picked up the leather armor of the Demon Snake Tooth breastplate, waited for the red line to fall back to the original point in the white crystal cylinder, 南京桑拿会所 and then placed the leather breastplate on the test table again, inputting a trace of mana activation again Test Bench.
This time Yerkes did not joking with me, but stared at the test bench intently.
It is estimated that scholar Yerkes wants to see if this test bench can work normally. When the magic glow on the test bed flickers again, the glow shines on Yerkes scholar’s ??face, and the colorful magic light makes Yerkes breathed a sigh of relief.
Afterwards, the red line in the white crystal once again stopped at the horizontal line of the number ten.
The pupils of the scholar Yakis shrank abruptly, and looked at the magic snake tooth skin guard with an expression of disbelief. chest.
281. Shirley’s best friends. On
summer nights, there is a cool breeze.
strolled on the long street of the imperial capital. The long street was full of traffic. There 江苏桑拿论坛 were more magic caravans in the imperial capital than expected. The soft light was reflected in the windows and some ladies could be seen Looking out through the window of the car, the chandeliers hung on the rear shelf of the magic caravan swayed constantly, as the carriage gradually moved away.
There are various shops on both sides of the street. There are a dazzling array of goods in the windows, or rows of cleanly wiped tables and chairs are fille