he morning, Jacques also vowed to point to the chart to me and Noah: In three days, the fleet will be able to reach Connerson Island smoothly.

But at noon, I found a dark black cloud appeared in the sky on the east side of the sea. Those tumbling dark clouds were constantly engulfing the sky, and the sound of bursting thunder came from a distance under the cover of the dark clouds. , Lightning strikes down from time to time, and the lightning in the dark clouds gathers together and rushes from the clouds to the sea, forming a 南京桑拿会所网 thunder waterfall.
The wind on the sea also became a little unpredictable, blowing eastward for a while, then northward again, although Jacques quickly issued instructions to let the ship lower its sails, change its course, and detour south first. It is best to bypass this storm. , But obviously he somewhat underestimated the speed of the storm.
When we found the storm, it was too late.
Those dark clouds in the sky, like ten thousand horses galloping, quickly engulfed our fleet.
The bean-sized rain fell on the ship. At this time, all the sails on the mast of the sailing ship had been lowered, but the wind still drove the ship toward the center of the storm, and lightning bolts in the black clouds fell onto the sea.
The waves surging slowly from the beginning, and now the waves that have surging casually are three to four 南京夜生活论坛 meters high. Our boat is up and down in the raging waves. This situation has completely exceeded Jacques. The range of capabilities.
At this time, Jacques slapped his head and remembered that if he could 南京桑拿楼凤网 find a sheltered island in advance, and moor three sea boats near the island, he might be able to avoid the storm, but it is a pity that Noah thought of this idea. , We have been swallowed in by dark clouds.
Jacques unfolded the chart and laid it out on the table. He drew a big circle on it with a pen and said to us: “Our ship is in this area, but I’m sorry. According to the chart, this There are no islands around the sea that are suitable for our