nd what kind of magic grass is. Whatever is fine, but when I was really in the wasteland, I realized that there were only endless grasses in front of me, and the magical grasses in my imagination could not even see the shadows.

Throughout the afternoon, Qige and I were aimlessly looking for the magic grass in the wasteland, even if it was a hemostatic grass. Kurz said to us: To see the most basic magic herbs, you have to walk deep into the wasteland for at least three or five days. There are very few edible wild vegetables around the town. Kurz pointed to the dilapidated grassland. Said: “Jia, you see, there should have been a lot of wild 南京桑拿会所 vegetables here, but now the soil has been turned up, and it looks like it was dried at least a month ago. The rhizomes have been dug out. When I was young , There has been little rain for two consecutive years. When there was a famine in the tribe, grandma led the women and our children in the tribe to dig wild vegetable roots to eat in the pasture. As long as the ice and snow melted, there was no need to sprout. Good thing.”
“Qig, don’t bother to find it. Even the roots of wild vegetables have been dug up by the orcs to fill their hunger. How could there be magic herbs left behind? It’s all caused by war and famine. Hey! We! Go deeper.” I climbed up the Aguimon with a little frustration, put my hand on Catalina’s hand and jumped up slightly, and then jumped on the back of the Aguimon.
The sun has already slanted to the west. We walked all 南京夜生活spa论坛 the way to the southwest. There is no so-called road on the wasteland. We can walk freely on the 南京龙凤论坛 flat wasteland, but the only trouble is that even if we deviate from the original route, we don’t You will know that only on a clear night, Kuz can judge our approximate location based on the star map. I stood on the back of Yaguimon and stretched my waist, stretched my muscles and bones, but was shook by something dazzling, causing my heart to sink.
At the same time, Kuz also stood up from the neck of the Yaguimon. He turned