ertificate of the Warriors’ Guild, and because of this, these young people chose to follow some adventure groups to the outside world to experience in order to break through their current bottleneck and obtain the fighter’s qualification certificate of the Warriors’ Guild. Only with this certificate will you be eligible to become a non-commissioned officer.

For these graduates from the war academy, not only lacked field survival and combat experience, but also cultivated extravagant nobles on campus as apprentice warriors. Guoguo was still quite disgusted. I remember the hunting in the Xinghu Grassland. At that time, two members of the Starry Adventure Group wearing red scarves tried to chat with Guoguo and ate their doors.
I really hate their behavior of occupying the magpie’s nest. Guoguo held my hand with a cold face, which 南京桑拿按摩网obviously meant that they didn’t welcome them and hoped they could walk away. Mingqian’s smiling handsome face slowly cooled down, and he scantily swept the magician badge on Guoguo’s chest, her apple trembling, and the muscles at the corners of her mouth moved slightly to hang up and it was less ugly than crying. Standing in front of Guoguo, his face vacillated, turned and walked back with a stinky expression.
The young people sitting around the earthen stove were looking forward to what was going to happen. They all put on a look of excitement as they watched the show. Seeing Ming Qian retracting like this, there was no good show to watch and immediately booed. I looked up and watched the young people in this group of adventure groups huddled with each other and left. When I left, Ming Qian’s bitter eyes just slipped past me.
46. ??Affection in the Dance Troupe (
Part 1南京龙凤网 ) This is the first time I have come into contact with the dudes among the nobles in this world. I think Ming Qian and his friends actually followed the business troupe to come out with gold plating, and finally figured it out. Why did Breguet and Hamasaki two outstanding fighters set up an adventu