to receive the gold medal, Tswanzig took a special look at him, because he was the only Asian face in the two teams, and it was inevitable that he would be a little curious.

After the large amount was over, he hung the gold medal on Zhou Yi’s neck, and then stretched out his hand to him.
Zhou Yi shook his hand.
“Congratulations, Chinese boy, your performance is very good.”
“Thank you, Mr.” Zhou Yi replied politely, in front of Mr. German Football Association, he was neither humble nor overbearing.
Tswanzig was also satisfied with what Zhou Yi had shown. He nodded and let go of Zhou Yi’s hand.
“The game is over, right?” Li Cuiyun yawned, then glanced at the time in the lower right corner of the computer, “Don’t toss,南京炮网 go to sleep.”
Her voice was tired.
She never stayed up until two o’clock today, she couldn’t stand it anymore.
But Zhou Jianliang, the husband sitting in front of the computer, was still unwilling to give up. He looked at the rotating icon in the black window of the player on the screen that indicated that it was buffering and said: “There will be an awards ceremony after the game.”
“You are so sure of us .” Can
my son win the championship?” “I also have to take a look at the runner-up. Besides, I believe he must be the champion!” On this issue, Zhou Jianliang is very persistent.
Seeing her husband’s attitude so determined, Li Cuiyun stopped talking and sat quietly next to her.
Although Zhou Jianliang said firmly, but he was actually a little flustered. It took two hours to do this, but he didn’t even look at his son. He didn’t know if his efforts this evening were worth it.
What if there is no success in the end?
But when I thought of working hard all night, it was web search 南京419论坛and English-Chinese dictionary. Even the electronic dictionary I bought for my son before was used. If it still fails, he might not even be able to sleep that night. .
Just when Zhou Jianliang was not reconciled, suddenly a green screen flashed out of a black player window-live broadc