the Chinese team in the midfield!

And all this is because of the sixteenth!
Alan Powell suddenly became interested in the number sixteen.
Why can he do it?
He no longer thinks about observing such a thing as a Chinese player is boring.
The teenagers of the Chinese team and their coaches were celebrating, and the Chelsea youth team was stunned. They didn’t expect them to lose the ball first, and the opponent to get the first goal!
How could something like this happen to them?
It’s ridiculous!
Like the Dortmund youth team before, when they discovered that they were the first to lose the ball, they all experienced a psychological journey from surprise to anger.
南京龙凤论坛Surprised is not believable. When they found out that this was the reality, they became angry-so weak opponents could also score our goals!
Very good boy, you have now successfully angered a group of lions, and you will soon regret the goal!
When the game restarted, the Chelsea youth team did launch a fierce offensive towards the goal of the Chinese team. This offensive was much more threatening than their previous inadvertent footfall and random kick.
It can also be seen that the Chelsea youth team was angered and they started to get serious.
Serious Chelsea did show that they are superior to the Chinese teenagers.
In the 30th minute, they evened the score with a header from a cross from the side.
Although Guo Nu leaped high, the opponent still rushed ahead of him and threw the football into the goal.
Because the distance was too 南京品茶网 close, even though Sun Pan made a save response, it was still half a beat late.
1:1, the Chelsea youth team evened the score!
However, the anger of the Chelsea youth team did not seem to be over. After taking the lead, they rushed in the frontcourt and grabbed the youths of the Chinese team in a hurry and made various mistakes.
Before the end of the first half of the game, the Chelsea youth team’s pressing finally paid off-they scored another goal and surpassed the score, 2:1