‘t even find out how to open them.

At this moment, the FBI Deputy Director McKay was still lying on the ground and roaring loudly. Now he can’t move below his neck, only hissing in pain.
The door of the interrogation room was opened, and a group of people rushed in. There were more than a dozen spears and short cannons aimed at Jiang Hao. Scarlett was also included in this group. At this moment, he looked at Jiang Hao, 南京炮网 who was calm and indifferent, and his heart was full of weirdness. Thoughts, how exactly did this guy do it.
The head of the Orlando branch stood in front of Jiang Hao, pointed his gun at Jiang Hao’s head, and shouted at him: “Asshole, what did you do to them, believe it or not, I will blow your head right now.”
“If you want to They stay like this for the rest of their lives and can shoot and try.” Jiang Hao said with a smile.
Branch Secretary Orlando still want to do while lying on the ground screaming Mackay was then deputy director shouted:. “No, do not move him, he must have something magic, the first not to move him,”
Mak Kay is in pain now, but he knows that the pain in the eyes is only temporary, and the result of lifelong paralysis is absolutely unacceptable to him.
Others immediately retreated after hearing McKay’s words. Someone helped McKay out. Four more guards were added to the interrogation room. Jiang Hao’s guards now have eight. There is no one in this specification, and these agents They all have guns in their hands.
At the same time they also received an order, no matter what the reason, do not get close to 南京桑拿会所 the seat before receiving the order.
McKay and two colleagues were sent to the infirmary. The FBI’s own infirmary also has a professional doctor. After observing the conditions of the three, the doctor was helplessly spreading his hands, “High paraplegia injured cervical spine nerves, or cerebral infarction. That’s why they look like this, but I judged that they didn’t seem to be the case. I’m sorry, I can’t imagine what kind of situ