head lightly, “Anyway, winning Winter Wolf Fort is the first step. The problem is now. It’s the second step.”

Duke Baldwin said while thinking: “According to our previous plan, after occupying Winter Wolf Fort, we should immediately march towards the Winter Fortress line and the Shadow Swamp, and control the Typhons in the north. After that, relying on armored trains and mechanized troops to advance quickly, attack Aldernan in the shortest time-if Aldernan is difficult to capture, quickly occupy Tarenkins traffic The key point is to cut Typhon’s grain-producing areas and industrial raw material transportation hubs, and find ways to cause widespread food shortages and industrial shutdowns.”
“The Typhonians should thank Andesa Wendell. Now this will not happen,” He Di shook his head, “Since it is now known that 南京桑拿论坛 Typhon was not really declaring war and that they are fighting against this divine disaster internally, it is necessary to make adjustments to our advancement plan. Grand Archon Victoria, what’s your opinion? ”
“Let the First Army temporarily stop advancing eastward, build fortifications at Winter Wolf Fort, and at the same time find favorable terrains in the north and south of Winter Wolf Fort to set up strongholds, and block the entire area with long-range artillery positions-this kind of blockade was maintained in the first stage. As long as the blockade is not lost, all Typhon’s actions will be passive,” Victoria said clearly in her own view-her military experience in the three-man ruling group Obviously more abundant than the other two, “At the same time, we will further collect the intelligence inside Typhon.
” Up to now, 南京水磨会所 our intelligence network in Typhon has been greatly affected by the situation there, out of the consideration of protecting intelligence personnel. Many dark lines have been lurking recently, but if the situation there continues to be 南京419论坛 chaotic, the activities of the intelligence personnel will become safer.
“In addition, I think it is necessary to use some o