eep Blue Well in Gondor in 179 was actually the inducement of the magic wave. Although the explosion did not blow up the entire empire on the spot, it was torn on the elemental plane. opened a big hole, the imbalance of power accumulation element to the second year, it triggered a wave of the magic that field, but we are unable to confirm this conjecture, the entire focus of magic and dark blue well ‘Deep blue’ have been been completely annihilated, who I can’t investigate it anymore.”

“That’s 南京品茶网 amazing.” As a mage, Rebecca can naturally hear how amazing the ancient magic well is. She is even more shocked that humans were able to master that level of power 南京桑拿论坛 at one time. The Duo Empire is so powerful.”
“In short, in the eyes of the Gondor people back then, almost all the magic focus of the mainland was invisible, so after barely discovering a few medium-sized magic focus, Gondor stopped talking to the more distant ones. A large number of fortresses and research facilities were abolished during the exploration of the area. This should be one of the facilities that were abolished at the same time, and it is likely to be a comprehensive thing.”
Amber suddenly became nervous: “Then there shouldn’t be any here. What kind of out-of-control ancient magical monsters or magic traps?!”
Gao Wen glanced at this nervous half-elf: “As a 南京水磨会所 guy who
even dared to dig the graves of other people’s ancestors, are you afraid of this ancient facility that has been abandoned for thousands of years?” “That’s different! Even if you dig the ancestral graves ?” The person in the coffin cheated the corpse and is just a person. Once something pops out in this ancient facility, it is not sure what it is! I heard that some ancient facilities are also sealed with synthetic monsters made by crazy magicians and “Magic colossus””
Gao Wen had a brain in his head: “I really disappointed you when I lied to the corpse to be a’human’. As for the rumors of the dark mountains before, and the strange talk of the ancient facilit