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magic, what is magic?
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Chapter 80: The essence of magic and the sound of art
For most people 南京炮网 in this world, “what is magic” is not a question at all, they think the answer is It’s obvious, and it’s not worth studying: magic is magic, one of the ubiquitous energies in this world, the 南京419论坛 most precious treasure bestowed by the gods, and the standard by which people can be divided into three, six or nine classes.
Some priests will tell you that magic power is the authority that spreads in the world after the fall of the gods. It is the aftermath of the war of the gods recorded in the “Slate of Eternity”. Those defeated gods fell apart in the war and fell to the ground. The body burns in mid-air, flame and smoke are the initial magic power, and the residue left after burning is the initial monster; some scholars among the wizards will say that magic is a bridge between the elemental world and the real world, it is a kind of “Super matter” is perceivable and usable but not visible. It comes from the turbulence of the etheric sea, and will fluctuate irregularly as the relative distance between the real world and the elementary world changes, that is, the phenomenon of 南京品茶网 upsurge of magic power is
high. Wen can’t accept either of these two statements. He comes from a modern world that advocates science and rationality and a clear interpretation of all mysteries. He believes that magic power should be something that is clearer and easier to understand, and can even be quantified by data. , Use the model specification to explain.
You may not be able to do this in areas involving gods, but since magicians can use specific methods to use magic, and even use formulas to simplify the casting process, then magic can definitely be analyzed in this way.
According to the information currently available, magic power is indeed “ubiquitous”. Every corner of the world is full of this invisible power. People in this world use magi