he final? It doesn’t matter, just wait four years.” Zhou Yi smiled and shook his head. “It’s only time. It’s Gao Zhi, are you ready for your victory statement?”

He winked at Gao Hongbo, then turned and left the player channel.
Gao Hongbo’s eyes chased his back until he disappeared deep in the passage.
Zhou Yi was sent off by the red 南京炮网 card, but the Australian players did not feel happy or happy at all. Cahill suffocated and was about to explode.
Zhou Yi left so lightly, which made him particularly 南京桑拿会所 unhappy. If Zhou Yi cried and did not want to leave at the end, he might feel better in his heart. As a result, Zhou Yi walked away with a smile on his face! And I took a look at myself before I left!
Although he didn’t say anything, Cahill read his mockery in Zhou Yi’s look and smile,
as if mocking them for losing their last chance and being eliminated!
And when I was holding the ball to Zhou Yi, I still felt that it was a soft persimmon that I just squeezed. Now this situation is really ironic. Perhaps choosing Zhou Yi as an opponent was wrong from the beginning!
Cahillin was willing to stay on the court with Zhou Yi and then scored the ball by himself, instead of Zhou Yi off the court. Australia was taken to his burial.
Cahill vented his anger on this free kick. He made a heavy kick. Blasting on the wall of the Chinese team, 南京419论坛 the hitting man grabbed the red Chinese team player Gao Lin, clutching his stomach and lying on the ground, but the football also flew out of the sideline.
Then, the referee’s whistle sounded-the game was over!
The Chinese team advanced to the final, while Australia could only compete with South Korea for third place.
Chapter 186 The future
“The game is over! With an assist and a goal from Zhouyi, the Chinese team defeated Australia 2:1 in overtime. Enter the final!” Liu Hong shouted. “But the core of the team, Zhou Yi, was sent off by a red card at the last moment for blocking Australia’s offense. He will definitely miss the finals between the Chinese team an