t, and Su Feng quickly followed up.

Recently, there has been a famous saying about the 96 golden generation in Milijia:
“Golden double guns”, you can win the world if you have both. If you have both,
then you don’t need to worry about the progress of your internal upgrade!
Cough, let’s talk about business.
On the court, “Ai Feng” completed a connection to the emperor with melon less than lightning!
Iverson threw the ball to the backboard, and the basketball was smashed into the basket by Su Feng after rebounding!
This is a slam dunk in the Pyrenees!
After landing, Su Feng opened his arms and looked around with an expression of “Do you guys look at me hanging?”
Dare to 南京炮网 ask which of the NBA’s mountain splitting skills is strong?
Find Fenghuang in the “Eastern Supervisory District” of Philadelphia!
At Zhongzhou Stadium, the emotions of nearly 20,000 fans on the scene were instantly detonated like a pressure cooker!
Jie, it’s Su Feng!
Look, the “Na” man 南京龙凤网 who feeds him the cake is the original black flash of Philadelphia Allen Iverson!
“Su, we will definitely win the championship together!” On the court, when retiring, Iverson once again extended his left fist to Su Feng.
However, this time, Su Feng still failed to clash with Iverson.
Because of Su Feng’s attention, he was attracted by O’Neill’s wonderful expression.
When he turned his head, Iverson had already started to fix his haircut like Hart, the future high-five.
Su Feng smiled and patted Iverson on the shoulder, and said: “Go boldly to grab the ball, Allen, there is me behind you.”
“Yeah.” Iverson nodded and said.
The Blazers, who failed to penetrate the 76ers’ defense in the entire game,
performed this night as “exciting” as the expression of O’Neal who had been sitting on the bench.
76 to 90, the 76ers 南京夜生活论坛 relied on defense to win two consecutive victories.
Iverson felt mediocre, but he hit Anderson with a breakthrough sling.
Stackhouse’s performance picked up. This time, 7 of 18 shots, p