hame that you failed to stand on the crowded side.

Fortunately, the object of your allegiance will never stand on the crowded side.
I give you the courage to kill and the power to plunder, but at a price. Yes, you must not live up to my gift and impose terror on the world.
At the same time, you need to recite my name when you execute the killing. You can blame me for all the sins, and I won’t 南京419论坛 mind that I am you who do evil. The reasons, motives and messengers of the people, so you don’t have to worry about your actions affecting your relatives, right?
If you fail to do the above points, I will take back your strength and courage.”
He: “Then what is your 南京炮网 name? In the
dimness, he seemed to see the vague figure of a woman. After a while, the voice in his heart sounded again: “Just use the simplest and most intuitive name-Demon King. Demon King who spreads terror, feeds on resentment, and fears all living beings.
When the demon king comes, all the rebellious ministers should die.”
He didn’t believe it: “The devil, you really are so powerful?”
“An unscrupulous demon king, all creatures in the world are his food, all the strong are his prey, no one can match, no one can resist, his hatred will contaminate everything. However, the devil comes At that moment, the heart of the brave also turned
After Ayane left, the maid Xiaoshuo appeared on the screen respectfully. Asked: “What are you doing today? Do you want to investigate first, or go around and rest first, or first, tune, teach, me?”
The 南京桑拿论坛 voice in his heart gradually turned into silence, and he felt light leaking through his eyelids, and found himself asleep lying on the desk, his saliva soaked his workbook.
He wiped his saliva, suddenly stood up, stood there for a few minutes, and then stepped heavily on the ground!
The loud noise attracted the attention of his mother: “You, what’s wrong with you?”
“It’s okay.”
The mother who sent him away from the door left. He lowered his head and looked at his hands, feeling the surging p