million U.S. dollars in funds. Qian Jianghao plans to use it well.

Spend 3 million funds into the newly established “Quirut Farm” for the purchase of agricultural machinery, seedlings, horses, cattle, and sheep.
He also wants to set up a new company called “Blake Online Mall”. Although Jiang Hao said that this mall requires an investment of 10 million, in fact, he can’t use that much. To make transaction software and payment 南京炮网 software, he can let Xiaoxin do it. And now he sells relatively few types of goods, only luxury goods and a variety of tobacco and alcohol, using the tax rate difference to make money, as for the future development of the situation, we will talk about it 南京夜生活论坛 when the time comes.
As for other funds, it does not need to be in place in one step, and he is also preparing to obtain an overseas investment registration, which is linked to the name of Hall Technology, and the funds in the overseas account can be injected as an investment.
Although it looks complicated, it’s not that difficult as long as it goes smoothly, especially since there are so many successful cases in the future to learn from. Others are crossing the river by feeling the stones, while he is crossing the river on a yacht with an external hanger. .
Now Jiang Hao needs a professional manager who knows how to operate the online mall. Just as David is responsible for the game company, the online mall can also be handed over to that person. Jiang Hao will never be constrained by a business.
The last time David was searched through 南京桑拿会所 a headhunting company, Jiang Hao went to a headhunting company again. Within a long time, several documents came out. After Jiang Hao read it, he began to interview these people, and finally he was selected among many interviewers. Called a guy named Jack.
Jack was previously an online shopping mall at the level of department manager. Through conversations with Jiang Hao, he felt that Jack was proficient in business, had a good brain and good eloquence, and the name Jack was general