ems appropriate to transfer a disabled person who can immediately enjoy the “disability benefits” of the police station to serve as the head of the welfare group?

After this administrative order was issued, what kind 南京桑拿会所 of mood Yang Jinrong was in lying on the hospital bed, Sir Zhuang did not want to care, but Sir Zhuang was in a very good mood.
Subsequently, Zhuang Shikai used his outstanding 南京龙凤网 performance in the exercise as an excuse to propose at the meeting that “Zhuo Jingquan” should serve as a senior inspector of the Security Department and promote him to the rank of Chief Inspector.
You know, Zhuo Jing followed Zhuang Sir throughout the exercise and was responsible for commanding an action team.
It’s just that his team has been around Sir Zhuang, and there is no outstanding sense of existence. But this can’t obliterate Zhuo Jingquan’s credit, and he still deserves to be promoted.
This exercise also allowed Zhuang Shikai to discover a few good seedlings, such as Chen Jin, Song Zijie and others… Zhuang Sir decided to send them an inspector test, send them to trainee inspectors, and open the way for them to be police officers.
A total of five places were issued, only the five best performers in the exercise. 南京水磨会所
Naturally, Sir Zhuang has the right to be promoted without the approval of the Commissioner of Police for the “inspector test”. The Commissioner of Police also agreed to approve Zhuo Jingquan’s proposal to upgrade the Security Department after a little thought.
Because after this exercise, many high-level ghosts began to lean toward the “Zhuang Clan”, and the authority of the Commissioner of Police has further declined.
In addition to the previous batch of operational superintendents at the constitutional committee level, some administrative department superintendents, and even some senior assistant directors at the decision-making level, began to confuse Sir Zhuang in private.
South Korea did not want to use the remaining authority to block a high-level inspector. Consideri