his guy troublesome?”

“Then I haven’t dealt with it all these years. him “?
summer tiger, especially depressed and said:” of course there have been, our house owners, who shot himself chasing him, chasing more than three months, the last person is gone, life and 南京419论坛 death can not be found, such as house owners back, and others He has appeared! He is a transformational powerhouse who can transform himself into the Shimozu. Think about how powerful his hiding ability is. If you just change it, he is another person!”
Su Yu was speechless, too.
“Then you can’t track it?”
“Is locked by Invincible. He can’t escape. The key is that he can’t lock. This guy can hide too much!”
Xia Huyou said, looking at the courtyard in front of him, and said, “It’s actually his institute, I said, this piece of paper Tan Research Center, is a veteran researcher of the Institute, it could be so kind, you set aside a large research institute, turned out to be him, really bad luck! ”
the original old Institute , Occupies a large area, but the new research institute occupies a small area.
Shan Shenwen’s first 南京品茶网 department assigned a research institute of a veteran researcher to Su Yu, and now it seems that he also dislikes bad luck and is uneasy.
Su Yu didn’t care, and smiled: “It doesn’t matter, the place is bigger and better, maybe the blue sky can leave some good things down”
“What do you want!”
Zhao Ming interrupted: “Don’t dream, he defected back then. Afterwards, people from the Search Realm, the Temple of War, and the Great Xia Mansion all came and checked his research institute and residence! All the things that could be taken away were taken away, and the rest were also sealed by the institution. Only an empty shell was left.”
“Invincible even led the team to investigate. Do you think there are still good things left for you?”
Su Yu smiled, and he said so.
Naturally, I didn’t expect to really leave anything to myself.
Su Yu from the Blue Sky Research Institute didn’t talk nonsense. He threw out a p