u’s body from a distance. He said in his headset: “Mission failed, evacuate. Repeat, mission failed, Old Tang, evacuate as soon as possible.”

Thirty years ago, outside a small newspaper. A scornful young man walked in. He pushed the door and shouted: “Are you recruiting reporters here?”
The door of the newspaper was broken, as if it had just been smashed by someone, and there was only one old man left in the newspaper. edit.
The old editor held up his glasses and said, “We don’t recruit social idlers here.”
“Hey, old man, pay attention to 南京水磨会所 what you mean by social idlers,” the young man was unhappy.
The old editor looked at him silently: “What’s your name?” The
young man said, “Jiang Xu, you can change your name or your surname, Jiang Xu, West Street in Los Angeles! Have you heard of me?” The
old editor was delighted: “Listen. Having said that, why did you suddenly want to be a reporter?”
Young Jiang Xu thought for a while and said: “I just don’t want to mess around anymore. Before my mother died, she said that I would continue to mess around like this, and she would die. , And also, I always feel that this world shouldn’t be like this, do you understand? I saw it the day before yesterday.” The
old editor asked, “Why come to our newspaper?”
“I heard the other day that you were smashed because of the report on the factory shady,” the young Jiang Xu laughed cheerfully: “Don’t worry, who would dare to come and smash the door 南京419论坛 when I come?” The
old editor handed him a sheet. Form: ”
Have you 南京桑拿论坛 heard of the profession of investigative journalists? ” “Investigative journalists? Are there any classifications for journalists?” Young Jiang Xu asked puzzled.
“Of course,” the old editor smiled: “This is the most dangerous profession among journalists, and the most difficult road in the world.”
Young Jiang Xu was proud: “The old guy understands me, I like the hardest. Yes!” The
old editor confirmed again: “If you don’t hit the south wall or turn your head?”
Young Jiang Xu smiled brigh