l someone cautiously said: “If the Lord can’t go up, if the swordsman is coming. “It’s

okay!” The
Lord of Fallen Soul Valley said indifferently: “It’s nothing more than killing a few casual cultivators, the Sword Master is not stupid, for a few casual cultivators, and I want to be an enemy of Lost Soul Valley?”
This is also true !
A few people didn’t say anything, and some were still 南京夜生活论坛 dissatisfied: “I won’t go.” As
soon as he finished speaking, the strong man who had spoken to Shura before said quietly: “You don’t go, I’m not going, everyone is not going, let the casual cultivator see. Is it a joke? The execution of the 南京桑拿会所 enemy and the deterrence of the forbidden area are all Shura’s business?” The
Lord of the Fallen Soul Valley said lightly: “Okay, you all go, not how far!”
Everyone took their orders.
A group of people began to walk outside the hall. Someone snorted coldly, “Fart is a big deal. It seems to have destroyed a forbidden area. We celebrated him, so happy!”
” Okay , shut up!”
Heavenly Soul Envoy Wei Wei Frowning, watching a few people arguing, and walking, said: “Don’t let outsiders read the jokes! Shura can take down Liufangshan, although the means are not glorious, but the result is still very good, and also raised my prestige in the Valley of Souls!”
At least suppressed the arrogance of Tianqiong Mountain!
The Liufang Mountain and the Tiger Soul Cave fought for two months, but they joined forces with the Necrotic Hell, and they 南京品茶网 didn’t take any advantage. This time, the Asura envoy took the Liufang Mountain in less than ten days, which is still very good!
In the crowd, the human soul envoy chuckled: “I heard that I have captured 6 or more of 16 people and killed them. Will it be too wasteful? Do you want to stay?” The
Heaven Soul Envoy shook his head: “Look again! Shura’s It means, kill the thing! These guys are so rampant that they dare to provoke the forbidden land. If this kind of people are collected, there will be more such people next time!”