all kinds of exercises. Otherwise, you can’t write the corresponding wills. In order to make money, some civilized masters write more wills. There may be more than ten kinds of exercises. “

Is this okay?”
Su Yu said in surprise: “Will it not conflict?”
“Definitely, but if you choose a good exercise method, then it may not conflict. Of course,南京龙凤网 this is done by a civilized teacher who has no future.”
Liu Wenyan said afterwards and continued: “The difference between the normal version of the God of War and the genius version is not the same. It is the same, especially the opening of 72 Acupuncture Points, but in addition to 72 Acupuncture Points, 36 Acupuncture Points have been added, so you can practice the normal version of the God of War Art first, and then you can exchange for the advanced version if you have the opportunity. “For the
ordinary version of cultivation, you are in the Kaiyuan realm, and you can open 8 more acupoints to advance to the Qianjun realm. For the advanced version of the practice, you have to open 12 acupuncture points, so you must be in the Kaiyuan realm first. Open 8 acupuncture points, change to the advanced version when you arrive at the university, and practice 4 more acupuncture points 南京品茶网 to supplement, then you can advance, otherwise there will be no way to change the advanced level,”
Liu Wenyan said with a smile: “This is also the reason why many little guys stay at Kaiyuan Nineth Layer and refuse to break through. You should know that many Kaiyuan Nineth Layer students are waiting to enter the advanced level.”
Su Yu nodded. He was strange before, Daxia Mansion. Many students seem to be stuck in Kaiyuan Nineth Layer without advancement. He thought that the other party could not break through, and now it seems that he is waiting.
“That some people broke through the supremely”
“Why do not they have chosen a generic version, or else someone will be at home,”
Su Yu surprised: “? This heritage home is not limiting it”
“Yes, but also spend feats point It ca