ut they didn’t wait. After he finished speaking, Knight interrupted:

“Since you don’t know, then as a professional commentator, Kenny, you must maintain a fair and objective attitude to explain.
You can’t be so inclined to the Raptors in commentary just because you like Sue so much. “Nate, who had a stiff relationship with Smith, took the opportunity to complain about Smith.
As the former ace commentator of TNT TV station, since Smith joined TNT, Knight’s commentary has often been criticized by fans. To
put it bluntly, if this product has a bit of skill, then. The future TNT TV station will not be the Big Three, but the Four Kings.
In Knight’s view, Smith’s status as a former NBA championship player is the reason why he can win the fans.
So now as long as there is a chance, Knight He would seize the opportunity to start Smith’s team.
But, how can Smith, who has an excellent mentality, 南京品茶网 have a general knowledge of Knight?
Smith, who has worked with Davis and Su Feng, knows that maybe other teams can’t do this. The times are smashing, but this Raptors is different.
And in the middle of the court, when the “gorilla” saw Jordan unexpectedly appear in front of him as the Raptors’ starting power forward, he had a paragraph with Jordan to write about. The grieving Ewing couldn’t help but sigh at Jordan at this moment:
“Michael, it seems we are all old. ”
In Ewing’s view, the reason why Jordan played the fourth position is because he can no longer run like he did when he was young, so he had to accept this change. It’s
just that.
Ewing’s hot face was destined to stick to Jordan’s cold ass.
Because Jordan is willing to accept the change only because he wants to win a championship.
And Ewing, who was ignored by Jordan, was not upset. Since the shutdown ended, this gorilla felt that he had understood life.
A minute later, amid the cheers of nearly 20,000 New York fans on the scene, Yuyin Knicks jumped off the first attack.
Van Gundy’s son Ward was responsible for 南京水磨会所 the drib