ording to a CCTV report, when Ginobili was interviewed by Datianchao TV, the most regrettable thing was that Argentina did not make it to the Olympics this year.

However, he is already very satisfied to be able to play against the Chinese men’s basketball team in a friendly match.
Because when he was still young, he learned basketball skills by watching Su Feng’s game.
“Don’t wait a minute, when Ginobili was still young?”
Su Feng was dumbfounded when listening to Ginobili’s interview quotations relayed to him by a CCTV reporter.
Because if he remembers correctly, he seems to be one year younger than Ginobili?
“Uh, is this the shortcoming of the early debut?”
After thinking about the causes and consequences of Ginobili’s interview quotations in his 南京炮网 mind, Su Feng silently said with emotion.
In addition, the Chinese men’s basketball team in the 11th friendly opponent, Russia’s super rookie, Kirilenko is said to be a fan of 南京夜生活论坛 Su Feng.
Therefore, one can imagine how many small fans Su Feng will welcome in this Olympics.
despite the fact that this group of people say that Su Feng is their idol, Su Feng is very clear. I’m afraid that these people will have an idol, and even the people will rush towards them on the court with their elbows.
Who is the so-called sky bypassing?
Thinking of how hard he was when Su Feng chased stars on the field, it is time for
him to face it now . He has cultivated fans in the past two years.
And Chicago.
Almost at the same time.
Unwilling to be lonely, Michael Jordan has decided to hold the “Heroes Meeting” again in Chicago before the start of next season.
In the market, many Jordan fans regard this as a precursor to Jordan’s comeback.
And in fact
These fans are right.
Recently, people have been saying 南京桑拿会所 that Su Feng will surpass himself in the future. Therefore, after a year of rest, Jordan feels that the current alliance seems to have begun to disrespect himself.
To put it bluntly, Jordan is actually panicking.
Because when mo