to the creators is over, it is time to continue this journey.

Omega retracted his gaze looking down, and his attention returned to the boundless space again. His gaze extended along the edge of the planet’s curved atmosphere to the distance. Between the starlight and the planet, there were countless things left by the sailor. The ancient heritage is quietly floating in their respective orbits, watching this small world like a silent tombstone in space.
After doing a little calculation and re-adjusting his voyage plan, Omega once again activated the propellers throughout his body. He traversed a beautiful arc-shaped trajectory over the planet, and with the help of weak gravity, he moved toward the equator lightly. In the direction of the flight.
He intends to make an acceleration from there, leave the gravitational circle of the parent star near the planet’s equator, and then pass the “sun” at a close distance, and in the process make magic power supply. After two accelerations, he will truly leave here and fly towards the “center” of this planetary system-the road ahead is long and full of 南京夜生活论坛 unknowns, but the strong curiosity inspires this new-born traveler. He is high-spirited and confident. hundred times.
The group of equatorial satellites left by the sailors gradually appeared on the margins of the field of view, and more eye-catching than those ancient inverted cone satellites was the huge ring-shaped orbital body surrounding the planet’s equator.
The ancient sky station is a “space miracle” that only sailors can build.
Omega flew toward the quietly moving satellites and the orbiting space station behind the satellites, and at the same time, he thought quickly.
Perhaps something should be left behind—many humans or other intelligent races will do similar things when they leave their hometowns to travel.
Omega quickly made a decision, and then gave an instruction to an aircraft behind him:
“Find a satellite that 南京龙凤论坛 is in a better state, and leave a transmitter on it.”
A triangular