ples, Rome or Florence, as long as you like.” Jiang Hao said.

What Jiang Hao said is farther than the other. Malena thought for a while and said, “It’s still a war period. I think we shouldn’t go too far, or let’s go to Palermo for fun. I haven’t been to Palermo for a long time. No.”
“Ok, then go to Palermo.”
Jiang Hao called Federer and his wife, and gave the dutiful couple a thousand lire bonuses each. The happy two couldn’t help but thank them.
“Federer, I’m going to take Malena to Palermo for Christmas, so that you can also have a relaxing Christmas. Federer, you look good 南京炮网 at home. If you have anything, you can go to the old Arecio tavern to call someone.”
There is a lot of money in the house, it won’t be beautiful if you are patronized by a thief.
“I understand sir.” Federer now knows the power of Mr. Bernano’s name, and knows it more and more, but he doesn’t say anything.
“Mrs. Federer, wait until we come back to enjoy your food.” After
explaining the housekeeper and his wife, Jiang Hao called Cassani again, “I am going to Palermo for Christmas, and you have four people to follow me.” The
boss must go out . Bringing the younger brother, fortunately, Palermo is still in Sicily. If you go to the mainland, it is estimated that Jiang Hao will bring a dozen or 20 talents.
The next morning, the team leader Pia came over with three of his men. He was responsible for protecting Jiang Hao’s safety. Jiang Hao and Marlena put two small suitcases on the purple car. Pia and the others were sitting in the back of the bodyguard. In the car, the trunk is full.
This time someone drove, Jiang Hao and Malena sat behind, enjoying the scenery along the way comfortably, 南京桑拿会所 chatting about topics of interest, and finally arrived in Palermo in the afternoon. They booked at the best hotel in Palermo. The best room.
The hotel was rebuilt from a castle. They live on the top floor. The room is very large and fully functional. It has two bedrooms, a large dining room, a huge hot spring bath, a game roo