s throughout her life, and has to serve the tree of the world until she dies.

But when the blackwood elves ushered in a disaster like the end of the world, it was the demon who gave them assistance. If the priest Oulanka is the writer of the history of the blackwood elves, then in this period of history, Qiao Xiu is not at all A character inferior to the messenger of the god of nature.
The conversation between Qiao Xiu and Elder Sefar ended quickly, and when they left, Carolly ran over with Luvita.
“Mr. Qiao Xiu, can you help Luweita build a camp. Her camp will be very lively.” When Carolly talked with Qiao Xiu, she no longer had the 南京水磨会所 formality of the first meeting. On the other hand, when Luweita stood in front of Qiao Xiu, Still a little disturbed.
“Campsite wait a bit.”
Qiao Xiu considered the limit that the Mowang server could withstand, and did not open the camp function to the outside world. At present, there are very few Mowang users who own the camp.
Carolly is one of them. The second most popular camp is Belle’s camp, followed by Tai Lin, and there is also a gray owl camp with only more than 10,000 users.
Qiao Xiu opened the interface of the magic net and quickly made Luvita the fifth person with the right to use the camp.
“It’s okay, Luvita, you open the magic net and click in to take a look.” The
black wood elf opened the camp interface according to Qiao Xiu’s instructions, and soon entered his personal camp, everything in it was still Empty, everything 南京419论坛 is blank.
Luvita had seen Carolie’s camp, and there were nearly a thousand messages written by Carolie, most of which were Carolie’s mood that day and her thoughts when facing a new thing.
And even the simplest one has reached zero, so that I don’t want my mother to blame me too, good night everyone. This kind of greeting message, there will be close to thousands of replies below.
This made Luweta look a little bit envious. Looking back at her camp, only two people followed her.
These two people are still the f