ootprints in the flower field. As soon as it fell to the ground, it buckled up and leaned over the ground like a beast.

The bright and warm sunlight is on the frivolous earth, but the place where it is is extremely cold, as if even the sunlight is avoiding it, only the brilliance of the blood moon is shining on its terrifying torso.
“Come here, Moon Chanter.”
Behind the disgusting mask, there was a sweet voice. It slowly crawled towards Luna, speeding faster and faster, stretched out his hands to catch Luna, but the voice was still so sweet and seductive: “Sing, Moon Chanter.”
Ren Suo pressed the handle frantically. But Luna remained motionless. Ren Suo took a closer look and saw that there were bloodshot eyes in Luna’s eyes, and her state was “Charm: Luna was charmed by the immortal concept of Killing Moon God, 南京品茶网 unable to maintain herself.”
Is it a perfect ending? Just die in another place?
At this moment, the whole world seemed to have been pierced with a golden hoop, there was a huge rumbling sound, a hole appeared in the sky, and a moonlight fell from the hole and shone on Luna!
Although the hole disappeared soon, Luna also managed to escape from the “charm” state. The game popped up multiple messages:
“Luna entered a secret scene, inside the silver moon crystal.”
“Luna encountered the concept of immortality and killed the moon god. ! ”
Ren Suo watched the information and finally understood the game. What’s the matter——
Mask of the Moon, and the Moon God, are not in the same group!
The concept of immortality,’Killing the Moon God’, spied the dream of all living beings, the’Mask of the Moon’ fell into a weak state, using the 南京夜生活论坛 source of strength from him, the’Silver Moon Crystal’ as a coordinate, forcibly descended to the’Mask of the Moon’, trying Recover the power of the silver moon crystal and occupy the moon chanter’s body, and then swallow the entire’Moon Mask’.”
“After the failure of summoning the apostles to smash the coordinates of the silver moon crystals, the fac