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“Well, it’s strange that I’m here to inform, but all the fans of Nolan’s beauty and the devil, in order to thank everyone for their long-term enthusiasm and support for this movie, there will be a short film on the theme of beauty and the devil in the next. Please watch it with anticipation.

The unrecorded
world “Short Film of Beauty and the Devil” 南京桑拿论坛 in Chapter 317. The girl from the Kingdom of the Holy Church, Sansa, caught the last of Carole on TV for the first time. The curtain call.
She immediately put down the alchemy product she was holding, and in just a few seconds, she got close to the Prophet and Qiao Xiu.
“” The
prophet silently moved a few 南京水磨会所 steps in the direction where Qiao Xiu was standing. She didn’t like being too close to others. The Sansa who suddenly came over clearly exceeded the limit that the prophet could endure.
But not just Sansa, the few customers in the alchemy shop heard Sansa’s voice and all raised their heads. When they saw the Kriya alchemy shop had a brand new TV, they all looked like Sansa crowded around.
These guests didn’t even notice that there was a little girl with a petite figure. When the prophet came back to his senses, more than a dozen humans had gathered in front of the TV screen.
Many of them are employees of the Kriya Chamber of Commerce.
The poor prophet was squeezed out of the crowd due to her petite stature. When she looked up, a human-made wall blocked her sight, making it impossible for her to see the picture on TV clearly.
“Do 南京龙凤论坛 you need my help, such as picking you up?” Qiao Xiu walked to the prophet’s side and asked tentatively.
“No need.” The
prophet indifferently rejected Qiao Xiu’s help.
Perhaps stimulated by what Qiao Xiu said, the Prophet took the initiative to walk behind the humans who had already surrounded the TV, trying to forcibly squeeze in and find an excellent viewing position.
But just as the Prophet touched the edge of the crowd, there was a sudden turmoil outside the door of the Kly