from the gap in her helmet, and she reluctantly stood up with a keen roll of anger, but the moment she stood up, the blade of Noggs had reached the gap between her robe and the helmet, which was on the neck. .

The sound of the sword blade slashing the neck and crushing the bones was particularly harsh in the snow. Her eyes rose into the sky and then fell to the ground again, watching her body and neck gushing out a lot of scarlet blood. The drops fell in the 南京炮网snow.
Noggs kicked the headless corpse directly aside. This time he didn’t wipe the blood on the blade, holding a bloody long sword and slowly came to the head that fell on the snow.
“We are not so easy to be killed for you to lose your important things…”
She didn’t finish her words. Nogues held a long sword in one hand and pierced her helmeted head suddenly. Nogues also did this. Turned the long sword in his hand.
When Nogues drew his sword, the surrounding snowfields returned to silence again.
“His Royal Highness, the surrounding judges’ strongholds have been emptied.” The
evil demon approached Voss and came to Noggs to report the victory of the war, but the expression on Noggs’s face was still very solemn.
He was thinking about what was the important thing he said before he died. All his generals were on the front battlefield, and no one was seriously injured.
Wouldn’t it… inexplicably think of an answer that makes him irritable.南京龙凤网
“Clean the battlefield.”
Noggs issued an order, and General Voss opened the portal to the Demon Fortress directly, and followed Noggs back to the Demon Fortress.
General Voss quickly walked into the treatment room temporarily set up by the Demon Fortress behind Noggs… The doctor here is the only human in the Demon Fortress… Agata.
When Noggs pushed open the door of the treatment room, he saw Agata had fallen to the ground, and the surrounding demons who helped her heal saw the appearance of Noggs and retreated to the side in fear.
“What’s wrong with her?” Noggs became more irritable