ed her tone. He originally wanted to see if he could spend money to buy it, but now he overturned his previous thoughts: “I am actually I want to discuss with you if I can raise Luna.”

Although Ren Suo could just hold Luna and leave, they discussed it and decided to openly transfer the 南京夜生活论坛 guardianship with Fan Qiyu, the No. 1 master. ――After all, Luna would like to come back to visit Xiaoyuyu from time to time in the future.
Of course, Luna also said, whether Xiaoyuyu is willing or unwilling, anyway, she wants to sleep with Ren Suo at night.
Yi Zhao was taken aback for a moment: “Do you want to raise our cat?”
Fan Qiyu didn’t look surprised. She sat down and looked at Ren Suo and asked, “Why? If you want to keep a cat, you can go to the cattery to buy kittens and keep them from an early age.”
“I don’t like cats, I just like Luna. ”
Ren Suo shook his head: “Although it is very presumptuous, Luna Luna has lived with me for a while. I believe she will get used to living with me, and I really want to raise her. I hope you can allow it.”
As Ren Suo said, he felt a little bit wrong–what’s up, discuss with your father-in-law and mother-in-law to marry me your daughter?
But in fact, it seems to be the same. Generally speaking, few people give away their 南京炮网 pets that they have kept for a long time, even if they buy them with money (unless it is a lot of money).
After all, people have feelings, and when you spend a lot of time, energy and money in caring for pets, the feelings will naturally become deeper and deeper. For pets who are completely dependent on their own lives, many people have deeper feelings for pets than their family and friends-because they know that pets are completely theirs, will not betray, and can be absolutely trusted.
According to Luna and Fan Qiyu’s feelings, Fan Qiyu mostly really raised her as a daughter before. Ren Suo guessed that even if she is now in the posture of marrying your daughter, Fan Qiyu is unlikely to be willing-after all, they are not very