my sleep. The place where I was located was not the battlefield of the Holy Spirit, but a floating rock.

Houses and trees floated in this space as if they had lost gravity. Fuya came to the edge of the rock and looked down, only to see the endless abyss.
Fuya continued to look around, and suddenly there were traces of broken glass in the sky.
The crack spread quickly, and finally accompanied by a crisp sound, the crack completely shattered to reveal a dark space.
But suddenly a huge eye was opened in the dark space… This pupil scanned left and right and finally focused on Fuya.
Fuya slowly 南京龙凤论坛 backed up trying to escape from here, but she stepped on a stone under her feet and lost her balance and almost fell to the ground.
But Fuya did not usher in the pain of falling to the ground. She fell into someone’s arms, and while being hugged, one hand covered Fuya’s eyes.
Fuya subconsciously wanted to struggle, but a familiar voice rang in her ears.
“It’s me, don’t be afraid.”
This was Qiao Xiu’s voice. Qiao Xiu let go of the hand covering Fuya’s eyes. She raised her head in Qiao Xiu’s arms and looked at Qiao Xiu. After confirming that it was her brother, she said nothing. Buried in Qiao Xiu’s arms.
“I wonder why you are sleeping now. It seems…you are indeed in trouble.”
Qiao Xiu knelt on the ground and hugged Fuya, trying not to let Fuya look at the pupil behind the crack in the sky.
This is the world of consciousness, to be precise, the remains of the world of consciousness in the past.
In the past conscious world, there were also continents composed of human illusions like the shining, but in the war with things outside the world, these continents 南京品茶网 were all destroyed to pieces, and the heroes and gods who fought in the conscious world have been All passed away.
Qiao Xiu couldn’t determine whether the huge pupil was the eyes of something outside the world. It kept staring at Fuya in Qiao Xiu’s arms, and then there was no other reaction.
There was even no sign of an attack.