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she has the key again!
Being stared at by Ren Suo closely, Dong Chengling was also a little embarrassed, but he still mustered up the courage to show a smiling face: “Does it look good?”
Black Bell, if you can recognize people, it would be great. At that time, you can pick any photos of the American short and British short puppet cats, and it is not impossible for me to keep a cat!
Ren Suo gave a thumbs up and asked, “Why did you suddenly change this style of dressing?”
“Because I found that when you look at the nine-tailed fox, you can’t blink your eyes.”
Dong Chengling crooked. The head said: “At that time, I thought I should spend a 南京水磨会所 little bit of thought.”
Chapter 187 was you who forced me to kill you.
“How did you change your phone?”
“Before I went to Tianjing, I forgot my phone at home. The Countermeasures Bureau didn’t help me. Look at the fastest update of Apex novel, and I sent me a mobile phone over there. It seems to be a special edition with super performance and long battery life!”
No wonder Qiao Muyi and Gu Yueyan both Can’t 南京龙凤网 reach you.
“Why don’t I have this kind of treatment? This is a good time! Is there a new dish in the dining hall? And it has been more than ten days since the Dragon Boat Festival, are there any dumplings?”
Dong Chengling asked. Came with a thermal insulation box, really intending to have dinner with Ren Suo.
The heat preservation box is not big, there are only three dishes of home-cooked dishes and two rice dumplings inside, which are still steaming when taken out. Ren Suo was really hungry. As a cultivator, his food consumption was a little bit larger, and with so many things happening tonight, he was already hungry.
Seeing Ren Suo eating his face greasy, Dong Chengling smiled: “This is not packaged in the dining hall. I made it myself.”
“Huh?” Ren Suo chewed on glutinous rice, scrambled eggs, crab tenderloin, and fatty meat. Huang, after finally swallowing it, he asked, “Why would you thi