lower bound, and do not think to try! Yuewang fallen is good, but still an intrinsic Murder, in addition to the human family, the families of close to certain death! several unless there is sure to block Yuewang quanliyiji “

he these Secret, it’s as cheap as gossip 南京炮网 heard on the street.
But the faces of the few people who listened to it kept changing!
The more understatement, the more worthy of attention.
King Yue is dead!
The corpse is still there. Not only is it there, there is actually a rule that seals their promotion. In other words, if you want to become the ruler, you have to go to the ninth floor of the Xingyu Mansion and break the seal!
There is also a Wuhuang!
This is equivalent to the two rulers, which is terribly difficult.
No wonder this person will tell them directly, and it really can’t be done.
King Da Zhou smiled and said: “A few, I have no intention of deceiving. If you really want to try, let’s talk about it when the lower realm is opened, but I think some of them may fall even if they join hands! Emperor Wu and King Yue, both It is the ruler and Emperor Wu is still 南京桑拿会所 alive. This is no trivial matter. Emperor Wu hates King Wu, but he also hates all of you who have considered it carefully!”
Su Yu on the side listened silently.
King Da Zhou, old cunning fellow!
This is not paying for the dead!
What he said is true and false.
The corpse of King Yue is true, the inner blow is true, the seal above is true, and Emperor Wu is alive. The
only key point is false. This has nothing to do with unsealing them and becoming the ruler of the rules!
He even told everyone about the danger, especially King Yue’s inner attack. This is a secret, he told them all!
If the Ten Thousand Clan really believes, then go to the ninth floor, see the corpse of King Yue, see the fluctuations in the sky, maybe really try it, after all, in order to become the ruler, it is not impossible to pay some price!
Several Tianzuns are also digesting these news.
Ma Tianzun said indifferently