e, it might cause a situation of unrest!

Never underestimate the enemy!
Su 南京419论坛 Yu has never underestimated his opponent, even if his opponent behaves stupidly, even today’s Ten Thousand Clan, the Lord of the Five Rules, are besieging Prison Youth and Yue Zhan, Su Yu is actually very careful and dare not. To the effect, I have been guarding them all the time!
Believe that the enemy will keep his promise?
Believe that the enemy will be kind?
That’s all fart!
It was me who defeated today. If I lose, I will be worse than them!
Su Yu quickly ran into Yueluo and the others.
But at this moment, the hundred battles that had been fleeing all the time suddenly stopped. Next to him, Yu who was still flying couldn’t take care of him. Just about to continue flying, suddenly, the star shifted, and a flower was in front of him!
After a hundred battles, 720 physical acupuncture points appeared, and one of them suddenly 南京品茶网 shattered, and forcibly moved the void!
In the blink of an eye, Bai Zhan and Yu appeared beside Yue Luo and the others.
“Hundred battles!”
A loud shout of anger, resounding through the world.
Yu’s breath broke out to the extreme in an instant, looking at Bai Zhan with incomparable 南京龙凤论坛 indifference!
At this moment, the hundred battles are no longer afraid, no longer afraid, and his face is indifferent, as if he has returned to the past, and calmly said: “I can’t go, now I am angry with me, it will not help! Why don’t you think about how to fight Su Yu together! Are you going to shoot me and pick Su Yu a bargain?” At
this moment, he seemed to have become the host who swept the world again. He looked at Su Yu who came across and smiled: “Su Yu, You are so young! ”
And beside him, Yu’s face was pale, and the next moment, the door appeared, as if he wanted to escape again, and the door of the hundred warriors also appeared in an instant, suppressing the void, and she had no chance to use the door.
Bai Zhan said calmly: “If you want to escape, there is only death! We