one. I really want to die, and I will have to kill myself. One!”

“It’s all this thought, so you don’t want to talk about these useless!”
The black-tailed black mink said, a group of creatures were silent for a while, did not continue to say, a little pessimistic and helpless, and to the big family Of jealousy and resentment, why not give us some opportunities!
And Su Yu, with a sigh in his heart, after calculating, in the end, he chose to take a special channel.
The main reason is that there may be people monitoring the regular quota.
Only a few thousand places!
Only the special channel, this time, may be robbed by tens of thousands or even hundreds 南京品茶网 of thousands of creatures, with unknown origins, many races, and no matter how powerful the forces are, they can’t monitor them all.
At the same time that Su Yu joined the team.
Outside the Xingyu Mansion.
Outside that huge gate, more and more powerful people gathered in all directions.
North, in the fairy clan camp.
Road King exhibited the hands of one eye, the eyes looked around, but saw no one, Wang Road, suspended in the air, and looked around, my mind is to communicate with people: “The? Days old adults, have found it”
“yet No!”
Tiangu’s voice circulated in his mind, and said lightly: “With his character, he will come in all likelihood! Come, in these few days, all those who hold tokens in these few days Strictly check! Everyone who enters must be seen by me!”
Dao Wang replied, and quickly said: “The special passageway, do you want to check it?”
“Check, but I don’t need to go. The Protoss will check it out! Find Su Yu and kill him! He must die. On the Human Race side, keep an eye on it, especially the Human Race of Daxia Mansion and Daming Mansion!”
“Okay! “The
Dao 南京水磨会所 King answered, his eyes in his hands, and he looked around again. In his eyes, there appeared a group of people, showing some phantoms, showing some scenes of the past and the future.
Killing Su Yu is not a joke.
Now that he said that he would