girl, a monster with a hideous face, or a lunatic covered in blood, etc.

The only thing he didn’t expect was that there would be such a weird scene behind the door.
“Why do you draw so many eyes on the partitions and walls?”
Chen Ge saw such a scene in the abandoned school on a rainy night, and Chen Ge felt a slight chill on his back.
As soon as the door opened, it was as if countless pairs of eyes were staring at him. In this case, I felt scared standing outside, let alone entering the compartment.
“Is the person who painted these eyes in the toilet cubicle mentally ill?”
That one eye seemed to be watching the people in the cubicle. Chen Ge looked at it for a while and closed the door of the cubicle again. 南京夜生活论坛
Being stared at by so many eyes at night, it is really a bit unbearable.
“I found the mission site, but how do I complete this side mission? Hide in and wait for the red shadow to come under the gaze of all eyes on the partitions and walls? Isn’t this a bit too much?”
Chen Ge stared at the door panel. After a long time, the door of the sixth compartment was opened again, and many eyes were also drawn in the compartment.
What is strange is that the eyes in this compartment are all drawn on the partition shared with the fifth compartment, and there is nothing on the wall.
Chapter 84 Frontal Encounter The
sixth compartment only has eyes painted on the partitions, but there are no paintings on the walls, which makes Chen Ge feel a little strange.
He walked around to the fourth compartment again, and there was no graffiti in the fourth 南京龙凤网 compartment.
“Will it be a prank by the students? But why did they choose the fifth compartment to paint? This compartment is neither the last nor the first.”
In order to understand the truth of the matter, Chen Ge went back to the first one. At the door of the six compartments, he hesitated and walked in with a tool hammer.
The drainage pipes are concentrated in the sixth compartment, which is a bit crowded compared to the other compartme