inished speaking and turned around. Entering the haunted house, there are still tourists who haven’t been slowed down yet.

“Five people went in and they stunned five people. In other words, the screaming index three-star scene, the probability of scaring people stunned is 100%.”
The strategy team who was 南京水磨会所 queuing up and was about to enter the third ward discussed it, but the ticket was not refunded, and it ran directly to a place that could be exposed to sunlight.
A group of people formed a circle and began a new round of risk assessment.
“The third sick building and the living coffin village are both scenes with a screaming index of three stars. I think it needs a long-term discussion.” It was Yang Chen who had a relationship with Chen Ge, a student of Jiujiang Forensic Medicine. It seems to be one of the core members of the Raiders team.
“The information related to the third ward is in text. It is said that tourists who have entered the third ward personally tell it, but the authenticity is open to question.”
“I just asked an insurance company about the claims for visiting the haunted house. The company does not have this project.”
“The 南京夜生活论坛 risk of entering is still too great. We have not even completed the two-star horror scene perfectly. I personally suggest that we can consider entering the three-star scene after we can completely
clear the two-star scene.” “Always . There is the first person who eats crabs. We discussed at three o’clock in the morning last night and listed eleven emergency plans. Now give up, are you willing to?”
“Raise your hands to vote.” Yang Chen stretched out his hand: “I don’t agree to go in and challenge the Samsung scene now.”
“I also don’t agree.”
Thirteen people stood in a circle under the sun, as if discussing something very important. The visitors next to them thought they were a little mysterious.
“Seven votes do not agree to visit, two abstentions, four votes agree, and the minority obeys the majority. I will give up this challenge!”
The member