“Bad guy!” “Bad scorpion!” “Return Su to us!” Su Feng was happy, and before preparing to start the game, he shook his fingers at the children in the stands. “I’ve […]


He looked forward to and worried. After passing the ball, Zhou Yi stood there, beside him, players from the Japanese team kept running 南京龙凤论坛 past, and some teammates from the […]


e moving in! Alexander’s mentality has been completely destroyed. In the Mavericks’ frontcourt position, Kukoc took the ball and scored, and Alexander got a big open opportunity in the bottom […]


. But because he is essentially a pure Chinese fan, he hopes to see Chinese football good, for those Chinese players who perform well in the European arena, he almost […]

上海楼凤 风中玫瑰

at trick of a free kick. He stood alone in the middle circle, and his teammates looked very frustrated, in stark contrast to the cheerful Manchester City players. After losing […]